pondělí 17. prosince 2012

Oh Deer - December Pickle Barrel

Is the time for Pickle Barrel again. December color scheme is blue, pink, creamy and cocoa - sweet and adorable designs you can see on PBP Here is my new collection - cute Oh Deer. elements:
paper pack:

Detailed images:
by Pepette:

čtvrtek 6. prosince 2012

Celebrate the season - PBP free with purchase!

Enjoy a little Christmas gift coming with your December purchases! Spend $5, $15, or $20 in the PBP Shop to get the Celebrate the Season FWP Offers through December 31 for free. Special offers "Deal of the Day" - each day something different for the half price - are still valid. Check the left panel on PBP and don´t miss these big sales.

úterý 4. prosince 2012

Deals of the Day

Check out the DOTD cathegory on PBP (left panel) - there are a lot of great designs, every day another great offer for the half price.