pátek 24. června 2011

Some changes and news and sweet strawberries :-)

Today I open my store at the Pickleberrypop, I´m honored that I can be a new designer here, there are so talented ladies on both sides - designers and also the scrappers here are amazing!

I have of course big opening sales.
And here is a new kit on store - Sky upon the strawberry fields!
The kit is full of the fragrance of wild strawberries and summer air. I love the mood of early summer. Come with me on the delicate June meadow!

Check out some inspiration, my girls did gorgeous pages again:

by Kacir

by Moninda

by Pacina

by Pepette

by Genda

by Jacqueline

by Jarmilka

by Pacina

by Kacir

and mine

pátek 3. června 2011

Scrapinsider is 1 year!

Scrapinsider is 1 year! In June 2010, the new owners gave scrapinsider a new look and just to celebrate that, we are doing a big birthdayRAK. Every order of 15 dollar or more, made in June 2011, is taken in a RAK to win a coupon of 50, 25 or 10 dollar. Grab a ticket for this RAK, place any order of 15 dollar or more and maybe you are the big winner of this RAK!

coupons valid on the whole store, accept on guestdesigners and CU products