pátek 24. června 2011

Some changes and news and sweet strawberries :-)

Today I open my store at the Pickleberrypop, I´m honored that I can be a new designer here, there are so talented ladies on both sides - designers and also the scrappers here are amazing!

I have of course big opening sales.
And here is a new kit on store - Sky upon the strawberry fields!
The kit is full of the fragrance of wild strawberries and summer air. I love the mood of early summer. Come with me on the delicate June meadow!

Check out some inspiration, my girls did gorgeous pages again:

by Kacir

by Moninda

by Pacina

by Pepette

by Genda

by Jacqueline

by Jarmilka

by Pacina

by Kacir

and mine

2 komentáře:

  1. Teda Sarah, ten novej kit je zase bomba a ločka z něj jsou nádherná.:-))

  2. This kit is just adorable, and the CTs rocked it! Congrats on the PBP store!